Git & GitHub Explained

At my last job I often heard the word GitHub thrown around by developers. I knew that their code was “on” GitHub, but that was just about all I knew. So when I started learning to code I quickly created a GitHub account (with my favorite username yet: gitlaura) and went through the practice exercises to learn how to use it. I started pushing whatever I was working on to my GitHub account.

Even though I was typing ‘git’ into my command line for commands like ‘git add’, ‘git commit’, and ‘git push’, I had no idea that git was separate from GitHub until recently. In fact, I assumed that GitHub somehow created that functionality on my computer.

Well, news flash: Git and GitHub are not the same. I honestly feel a little silly even sharing this with you, but I figure there must be other self-taught programmers out there who don’t understand the difference between Git and GitHub. So let me explain. Continue reading